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Northern Ohio Dressage Association

Year End awards

2023 Award Results

 View some of our Award Banquet Photos from 2023 in our slideshow


2024 Competition Report Form (MUST be postmarked by October 14, 2024 ) 

Awards Listing & Criteria Information  View Virtual NODA Bucks Balances

Competition Year: October 16, 2023 through October 14, 2024
  • Awards Eligibility:  Awards are open to all NODA members and will be presented at the year end Awards Banquet
  • Score Eligibility:     Competitors must be members PRIOR to scores being earned
  • Horse Owners:        The owner of a horse ridden by a Professional must also be a NODA member at the time the score is
A Horse and Rider combination may apply for a total of three (3) Trophies in the following divisions:
    • Recognized/Unrecognized (Schooling) Trophies
    • Unrecognized (Schooling) Shows Trophies
    • Recognized Shows Trophies
  • Awards Deadline: Submission of scores for 2023 Awards must be postmarked by the deadline.
  • Competition Report Form & Applying for Awards: Scores must be sent on the official Competition Report Form and must include copies of applicable test fronts or USDF score sheets from Separate competition report forms and proof of scores must be submitted for each level of competition for the Scholarship Awards, and for every eligible Trophy.
  • NODA Bucks Required to Apply: Four (4) NODA bucks earned during the current competition year must be attached and submitted with your official Award Competition Report Form(s) for each horse nominated for awards. Applicable to Professionals, Adult Amateurs, and Junior/Young Riders! Only four (4) NODA bucks required for each horse/rider team, whether you apply for one award or several.
  • Volunteer Hours & NODA Bucks: Volunteers earn NODA bucks for their volunteer time. NOTE: Beginning March 1st, 2024 NODA Bucks  earned will be virtually tracked by the NODA Board -  View Virtual NODA Bucks Balances 
  • Scores from Panel of Judges: If submitting a score from a panel of judges (i.e. from a Championship competition), the combined average must be submitted. It is still permissible to use different score, earned at that same show or another, from a judge who had been on the panel of judges for the Championship ride.
  • Scores obtained from Opportunity Classes (offered at Recognized Competitions) may only be submitted for Unrecognized (Schooling Show) Year-End Awards. They will be treated the same as scores earned at non-NODA Schooling Shows. Important Note: Scores from the NODA's July Recognized Shows may not be used as substitutions for the two (2) that must be earned at NODA schooling Shows.
  • Scores from non-NODA schooling shows may be submitted if the following criteria are met:
    • The show is open to all NODA members and has been advertised in the NODA newsletter and/or website.
    • The judge holds a current USEF Dressage judge license, OR has held a card in the past, OR is a USDF "L" program graduate, OR holds a current USEF Eventing "S" judging license.
  • Novice riders who compete at non-NODA shows which do not offer specific novice classes may submit Intro or Training Level scores from these shows towards NODA Novice awards. The same test score may be used for either Novice classes or open classes but cannot be used for both.
  • Rotating Trophies: All association trophies are rotating unless otherwise noted. Winner may have possession for eleven (11) months, at which time trophy must be returned, in the same condition as received, to NODA. Contact with any questions about returning your rotating Trophy(s).
  • Ties for Scholarships/Ribbons: In the case of a tie for a Scholarship and/or /Ribbon, equal awards will be bestowed and the next ribbon skipped.
  • Ties for Trophies/Other Awards: Award will be given to the rider with the single highest individual score submitted for that Trophy or Other Award.
  • The Edy Ujczo Horse Partnership Trophy: To apply for this trophy please composes a short essay as to why the individual is being nominated according to the set criteria and email it directly to Regina at by the awards deadline.

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