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Northern Ohio Dressage Association

Are you ready for an EDUCATIONAL CHALLENGE?  Join us for this free educational bingo game that you play on your own time.  Choose events/activities that  you want to do to enhance your dressage skills.  Turn in your completed bingo cards for a chance to win a prize!   

The purpose of this challenge is to learn about and take advantage of all of the Education Opportunities that are available from NODA, USDF and our local professionals!  And to have a lot of fun!  All activities must be EDUCATIONAL.

Print Bingo Card & Chart 
  • Print a copy or save an electronic copy of this bingo card and chart 
  • Every time you complete a square, check it off on your bingo card and then fill in the separate chart with additional information
  • Free space is FREE- everyone gets this one
  • Any Five squares in a row- any direction constitutes a BINGO 
  • You may play multiple times on one card or use a new copy for each game
  • You will be entered into the next drawing once for each bingo
  • This bingo game will run from now until the Awards Banquet
  • We will pull names for winners three times:  May 1, August 1 and at the banquet
  • There will be a special prize for EVERYONE who turns in a 100% completed “coverall”  bingo card (the entire card is filled!)

When you are done, email your completed bingo card and bingo chart to Sally


Mail to Sally Burton, 8652 Beacon Hill Dr, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 to be entered into a prize drawing!

Our website is continually changing and growing. Check back frequently for new updates and information!  

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