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2017 NODA Year End Awards

  2017 Awards Banquet News, Results, Photos  

    2017 Year-End Awards Program       2017 Banquet Program

  Updated 12/10/2017

Unrecognized Shows           Other Awards         USDF Region 2 Schooling Show

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2016 Year-End Award Winners 

Unrecognized Shows ~ Awards & Trophies

Year-End Championship Ribbons, Awards and Scholarships in the amount of
$75 will be awarded to the horse/rider combination with the highest average score in each of the following levels and divisions. Ribbons will be awarded to tenth place.
Scores Needed:   
    *   1 score from 4 different judges is required for Intro, Training, and First Level Divisions
    *   1 score from 3 different judges is required for Equitation, Rider Tests, and Second Level & Above Divisions
o  Scores Requirement:  
Two (2) scores must be from two (2) different Judges earned at two (2) separate
     NODA Schooling shows
o  Scores from Panel of Judges: 
If the test score is from the panel of judges at the NODA Schooling
    Show Championship, the combined average score must be submitted.
o  Ineligible Scores:  Freestyles scores may not be used for these awards.
o  Championship Eligibility: 
Horse/rider combination may win a championship 3 times at any level
     before becoming ineligible to apply for championships at that level or any lower level.

Juniors & Adult Amateurs

Novice Introductory Level - Juniors FEI Tests
Novice Introductory Level - Adult Amateurs Dressage Seat Equitation - Juniors
Introductory Level - Juniors Dressage Seat Equitation - Adult Amateurs
Introductory Level - Adult Amateurs Western Seat Equitation - Juniors
Novice Training Level - Juniors Western Seat Equitation - Adult Amateurs
Novice Training Level - Adult Amateurs Rider Tests - Juniors
Training Level - Juniors Rider Tests - Adult Amateurs
Training Level - Adult Amateurs  
First Level - Juniors Western Intro Level - Juniors
First Level - Adult Amateurs Western Intro Level - Adult Amateurs
Second Level - Juniors Western Basic Level - Juniors
Second Level - Adult Amateurs Western Basic Level - Adult Amateurs
Third Level - Juniors Western Level One - Juniors
Third Level - Adult Amateurs Western Level One - Adult Amateurs
Fourth Level - Juniors
Fourth Level - Adult Amateurs


Introductory Level (Open) Western Intro Level
Training Level (Open) Western Basic Level
First Level (Open) Western Level One 
Second through FEI (Open)
(Scores must all be from same level)
Rider Test


Determined Effort Award given by Niki Sackman to recognize outstanding effort by a traditional stock horse shown dressage. Awarded to the junior, amateur, or professional, riding a registered American Quarter Horse (AQHA), American Paint Horse (APHA), or American Mule (ADMS), with the highest average based upon 1 each score from 4 different judges at any level obtained at dressage schooling shows. The 4 scores must be obtained from the same level of competition and at least 1 score must be earned at a NODA Schooling Show. A copy of the registration papers must accompany the submitted scores.  Classical Dressage only.

The Fox Smith Trophy donated by Lynn Fry in memory of Fox Smith of Red Raider Camp to recognize outstanding achievement in Walk-Trot and/or Dressage Seat Equitation. The award is given to the equitation rider with the highest average percentage from 3 equitation classes: 1`score each from different 2 different judges at NODA schooling shows, and 1 score from the NODA Championship Show.  Proof of scores from each show must be submitted.  Provide copy of test front or list show name(s), judge(s), percentage(s), and have NODA show secretary sign to verify.   Classical Dressage only.

The Giving Spirit Trophy is sponsored and donated by friends of English Oak Stable in memory of longtime NODA member and friend, Laura Wolf. The trophy is to be given to the Junior or Amateur, horse and rider combination, with the highest median score in Training Level Test 2 and/or Test 3.     One (1) score each from 3 different judges earned at NODA schooling shows must be submitted.  Classical Dressage only.

The Laddie Andahazy Memorial Trophy sponsored by The Paddock Group on behalf of NODA, and given in memory of Gretchen Singleton who founded the award in memory of Laddie Andahazy, a longtime member, judge, and driving force in the equestrian community, perhaps most noticeably at Lake Erie College. It is given to the amateur dressage rider who was a novice at the beginning of the competition season and performed exceptionally well in NODA schooling shows. One (1) score each from 2 different judges at NODA schooling shows must be submitted.   Classical Dressage only.

The Rowdy Memorial Trophy donated by Cheryl Lee to recognize outstanding effort by an amateur competitor. The award is based upon the combined average score obtained at the NODA schooling show championship plus the highest score earned by the same entry at the NODA schooling show.  Classical Dressage only.

The Sweeter Award donated by Janeen Langowski to recognize outstanding effort by a junior rider, 14 years of age and under. The award is based upon the combined average obtained at the NODA Schooling Show Championship plus 3 scores earned from the same level of competition from NODA schooling shows. This award is a non-rotating trophy that is awarded permanently to the recipient.  Classical Dressage only.

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Other Trophies & Awards


The Edy Ujczo Horse Partnership Trophy awarded annually by Regina Sacha-Ujczo to an individual or individuals (does not have to be a NODA member!) who provide outstanding emotional, grooming, ground, or economic support to a NODA rider. The individual(s) must be a tireless supporter of a rider’s dressage pursuits, who is an essential "behind the scenes" caregiver to horse and rider, offering encouragement, motivation, and assistance. Narrative submissions are required that  describe why your nominee(s) deserves this coveted supporting role award.
How to Apply:  
 E-mail your narrative to  by October 14, OR mail by regular mail postmarked by October 14, to Regina Sacha-Ujczo; 7619 McCreary Road; Seven Hills, OH 44131.


NODA’s Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize and honor individuals who have devoted countless hours of service to NODA in the pursuit of excellence both to NODA and to our sport of Dressage. This is to recognize those individuals both in our spotlight and the ones in the trenches quietly just doing the work. It would be the person you think of when you want something done, or someone who would remember how it has been done in the past, or someone who served years doing our committee work. It could even be those individuals who might not be active anymore, but helped to create the NODA we enjoy today. When we discuss the beginnings of NODA, their names will often be mentioned. These are important people and should be remembered and honored.    Information & Nomination Form.
Deadline for applications is September 30.   E-mail OR "snail" mail completed applications to Kathy Kirchner at or USPS to:  Kathy Kirchner, 900-6 Hampton Circle, Aurora OH  44202-9254.

Achievement Certificates will be given to any rider/horse combination with 3 scores of 60% or higher at any level  from 3 different judges at either Recognized or Unrecognized competitions.  Rider/Horse combination may not have won any other year-end awards.  Scores from different levels of competition may be combined.

Events/Horse Trials - Recognized: A Scholarship in the amount of $50 and ribbons to 6th place will be awarded to the horse/rider combinations with the best averages earned in the dressage phase of Recognized USEF/USEA events or horse trials. 1 score each from 3 different judges at any level is required. A copy of the entire score sheet showing points earned (not just penalty points) including judge’s signature must be submitted. The judge must meet NODA’s criteria for Unrecognized Dressage Competitions.

Events/Mini-Trials - Unrecognized: Ribbons to 6th place will be awarded to the horse/rider combination with the best average scores earned in the Dressage portion of a "Mini-Trials Event." One (1) score each from 3 different judges at any level required. A copy of the entire score sheet showing points earned (not just penalty points) including judge’s signature must be submitted. The judge must meet the NODA criteria for Unrecognized Dressage Competition.

Non-NODA Schooling Show Year-End Awards

USDF Region 2 - Catherine B. Jacob
Schooling Show Year-End Awards Program

2017 Rules & Award Application         2017 Results         2016 Results

Information may also be obtained from the AWARDS page  
          Region Awards Program Administrator,  Catherine B.Jacob  513-738-2746 or  


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