2018 NODA Schooling Show Series

Show Results

UPDATED 06/11/2018


June 10, 2018    NODA Schooling Dressage Show at Sweetwater Equestrian Center
Show Results

Show Report & Thank You
By Sally Burton, NODA Schooling Show Manager


The Sweetwater show was a great success this year with many riders having super tests.  The forecast was for a rainy, stormy day but luckily the rain held off for most of the day.  Many thanks to Kristi Folz and the Sweetwater team for having the facility ready for us and for being available all day to trouble shoot any issues and for sponsoring a special treat for the top scoring junior/young rider at our show!


Thanks to our two judges- Clara Etzel “L” graduate with distinction who traveled from Michigan and Lisa Campbell “R” judge who flew in from North Carolina.   Both judges had very nice compliments about our riders, volunteers, NODA and Sweetwater!  It is so nice to hear judges value all that we do with schooling shows and we appreciate their dedication and thoughtful feedback.


As always we love and treasure all of our schooling show volunteers.  Many thanks to the ring set up crew of:  Sue Hines, Heidi Miller, Victoria Patterson-Pirko and Linda Toll for braving the rain on Saturday morning.  Thanks to show crew : Susan Baker, Jerry Chewy, Jen Cooper, Josephine Cooper, Melissa Groh, Jordan Jacques, Margaret Kaufman, Patty Keim, Linda McGall, Heidi Miller, Kristeen Miller, Allison Morris,  Jacqueline Seagle, Laura Stepic, Amy Walker, Pam White, and Taya Workum-Byers.  And finally, thanks to those who stuck around after the show to tear the ring down: Ariel Broadkey, Jen Cooper, Josephine Cooper,  Sarah Freeman, Patty Keim, Heidi Miller, and Victoria Patterson-Pirko. 


Your schooling show team of Sally Burton, Niki Sackman and Kirsten Thomas appreciate your support and look forward to our July show!

                                      How to Contact Show Secretary or Show Manager

We appreciate all show communications and wish to clarify the acceptable communication methods utilized by Show Secretary, Niki Sackman. Please note due to Niki’s poor cell service some calls may be delayed. Thank you!


Before Show Day    
Messages              E-mail, US mail, Telephone/Voicemail Niki at 440-454-4709, In Person
Show Documents    E-mail to SS-Secretary@nodarider.org, US mail, Horse Show Office, or submit Photocopy(s) at show


Day before Show Day   E-mails checked until 2 pm, or you may Telephone/Voicemail Niki at 440-454-4709

Show Day
      Telephone/Voicemail  Niki 440-454-4709 or Sally (show manager) 440-221-7544
Many of you know that phone service at show venues tend to be unreliable. We will, however, do our best to check for voicemail messages throughout the day.   Please also note Niki and Sally are NOT able to access Facebook Messenger on Show Days.

Thank you for notifying us if you are scratching, and we apologize in advance if we are unable to respond during the show.  

May 13, 2018    NODA Schooling Dressage Show at Chagrin Valley Farms    
Show Results --  Updated 5/20/18

Show Report & Thank You
By Sally Burton, NODA Schooling Show Manager

As all May shows tend to be, this year was wet, raining and did I say wet?  We are so thankful for all of our very flexible competitors who put up with rain delay, schedule changes and “ride whenever you want outside” reminders!  Special thanks to our fantastic judges, Amy Rothe-Heiter and Jennifer Roth, who were both gracious, accommodating and willing to do what it took to keep the show moving!

We could never accomplish all of the work on a show day without our amazing volunteers!  Thanks to Saturday ring set up crew:  Katie Delaney, BJ Harmann-Sasak, Kate McGinnis, Michele Thomas, Jill Winters led by Victoria Patterson-Pirko and Linda Toll.  Thanks to Sunday show volunteers: Gina Ash, Cindy Bank, Danielle Bolm, Christina Fraser, Lauren Heba, Katie Holzheimer, Patty Keim, Kathy Kirchner, Stephanie Orellana, Lee Overbaugh, Victoria Patterson-Pirko, Sally Pla, Ellen Pridemore, Molly Reeves, Christa Sandy, Maria Sandy, Elizabeth Scalabrino and LaDonna Young.  And finally, at the end of a super long thanks so much to Heidi Miller, and Victoria Patterson-Pirko who stayed to the end to tear down the ring!  It is a super big job for three people… please consider staying to help!

Thank you to Chagrin Valley Farms, our NODA Board members led by President, Barb Soukup, and our wonderful schooling show staff, Sally Burton, Niki Sackman and Kirsten Thomas.                              


Questions?  Comments?  Please contact NODA Webmaster