The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.   ~ E.E. Cummings  

UPDATED  02/07/2017
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Holidays & Events

Ground Hogs Day

February 14 
Valentine's Day

February 20
President's Day Celebration 


Texting Help for Savvy Horse People

OOH: Out of hay
LAS: Lost a shoe
DHJBM: Darn horse just bit me
FOMHL: Fell off my horse laughing
MIHA: Mare's in heat again
MSMBO: Mud sucked my boot off
HSIH: Horse snot in hair
HAO: Hay all over
HIMB: Hay in my bra
PIHH: Poop Induced Half Halt!
UD: Unplanned dismount
MHTS: More horses than sense
OOM: Out of money

GBBF: Got board bill, fainted
GFBF: Got farrier bill, fainted
HFBF: Husband found bill, fainted
SLH: Smell like horse
DQFOY: Dressage queen fell off, yippee!
HTNHFH: Hiding the new horse from hubby.
WWFNS: Will work for new saddle.
AROGC: Arena rained out, going crazy.
SSB: Saddle sore butt.
LWW: Lesson went well
WTLGR: Witchy trainer left, good riddance!
ALIGAR: At least I got a ribbon
NLT: No lesson today
HAGR: Have a great ride!


The Warmth Of A Horse
Author Unknown

When your day seems out of balance and so many things go wrong,
 When people fight around you and the clock drags on so long,
 When some folks act like children and fill you with remorse . . .
 Go out into your pasture and wrap your arms around your horse.
His gentle breath enfolds you as he watches with those eyes,
 He may not have a PhD, but he is oh so wise.

 His head rests on your shoulder you hug him good and tight,
 He puts your world in balance and makes it seem all right
Your tears will soon stop flowing, the tension will be eased
 The nonsense has been lifted. You are quiet and at peace.
When you need some balance from the stresses in your day,
 The therapy you really need is out there eating hay!