The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.
- E.E. Cummings

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Hey check out those horses
playing in the ocean surf.
Where's their swim gear?

Our owners always make us
wear flippers AND goggles
AND snorkel AND innertube

how about sharing the horsie pool?


What do you call a
horse who has been
 all around the world?

A globe-trotter! 

How long have people
been racing horses?

Horse racing is one of the most ancient sports, originating in Central Asia among prehistoric nomadic tribesmen around 4500 B.C. When humans began keeping written records, horse racing was already an organized sport throughout the world.

Political Correctness & The Horse Community

The horse world is dreadfully guilty of political incorrectness. Citizens, we can fix this!

From now on, the rider who came in 128th out of 127 competitors isnt a major loser;
hes ribbon-deprived.   

Well refer to awful jumpers as potential dressage horses and horrid dressage horses will be called event prospects (oh, wait, weve been doing that for years anyway).

Prominent horse people who go to jail for tax evasion are, um, ethically challenged.

Judges who make stupid decisions are myopically magnificent.

A twitch is a lip tourniquet.

Instructors, refrain from telling any student that she has a bad seat. Instead, tell this rider that she has astronomical potential for butt improvement.

A horse that always crashes through the jumps is merely in touch with his personal sense of gravity. Likewise, a bad mover isnt an eggbeater with legs --- hes kinetically challenged.

A horse who wont go forward is a Whoa-overachiever.

Waterlogged show grounds are humidity super-enriched.

There, see what a positive place your barn can be?

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