The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.   ~ E.E. Cummings
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           Horses & Competition
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$1.95 Show Ribbon?  Priceless!


A Real World Dressage Test

A Enter Working Trot, X Halt, Salute?
G Try to Halt Again and Salute
C Freeze in horror at judge's glare. Salute hurriedly.  Track Left
H Rustle of spectator's paper packet
H X F Extended Bolt
F Track Right (Just)
F A K E Working Gallop Right
E Circle Right 20 Meters in polyhedron type fashion
E Freestyle Pirouette.  Change Rein
E K A F B Counter Canter, Cross Canter, Camel Canter
B Medium-sized Bbrd shuffling in bush
B X Working Spook Left
X Freestyle Piaffe
B X Freestyle Half Pass (Backwards)
K E H C M B F A Working Trot (Bouncing)
A Veer Right
A D X G Extended Walk
B Halt.  Attempted Immobility.  Trembling Salute.
Depart arena at walk on long rein muttering and wondering what just happened . . .