The most wasted of all days  is one without laughter.
- E.E. Cummings

       Updated  10/01/2018


Vintage History

"Two-Gun"  (Nan Aspinwall)
 was the first woman to ride horseback across North America alone, covering 4496 miles and taking 180 days in the saddle.

She did it on a bet from Buffalo Bill.  She was a performer in his  Wild West Show.

She rode her thoroughbred
 mare, Lady Ellen, on the journey, wearing pants and split skirts, riding astride, which was
 likely still illegal in some
parts of the country!


A man has a racehorse that has never won a race. The man in disgust says,

"Horse, you win today or you pull a milk wagon tomorrow morning."   

The starting gate opens, the horses take off, they move the gate away,

and there lays his horse asleep on the track.    

So the man, fuming, asks the horse, "WHY ARE YOU SLEEPING?!"   

The horse, half-asleep, says, "I have to get up at three in the morning."   

Snort Snort!

His is a power
 enhanced by pride,
a courage
heightened by challenge.

His is a swiftness
intensified by strength,
a majesty
 magnified by grace.

   His is a timeless beauty
touched with gentleness,
a spirit
that calls our hearts to dream.

~Author Unknown


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