"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." - E.E. Cummings

UPDATED  04/12/2017

You Know You're a Horseperson When...

  • You lean forward when your car goes over speed bumps

  • You yell at the kids and your horse's name pops out

  • "Stopping by the stable" takes a minimum of two hours

  • You find hay in your bathrobe

  • You know more about your horse's ancestry than your own

  • After it snows, the first thing that gets shoveled is the path to the manure pile

  • You spend hundreds of dollars to compete in a horse show for a 98-cent ribbon


"I can make a general in five minutes, but a good horse is hard to replace."


  -Abraham Lincoln







The Truth About Breeder Lingo
what they say...and what it really means

1.    Noted Judge - He pinned my horse.
2.    Respected Judge - He pinned my horse twice.
3.    Shown Sparingly - Only when we had the judge in our pocket.
4.    Show Prospect - Four legs, two eyes, a mane, and a tail.
5.    Placed in Five Shows - and 89 others where he did nothing.
6.    Won in Heavy Competition - Three horses in the maiden class.
7.    Lots of Pizazz - Hasn't been out of his stall for three days.
8.   Limited Showing - Owner broke.
9.   Terrific Angulation - Cow and sickle hocked.
10.  Personality Plus - Might wake up if you stick a carrot up his nose.
11.  Good Bite - Missed the judge, but got the steward.
12.  Excels in Movement - When she spooks, she can pass any horse in the ring.
13.  Three Good Gaits - and four or five others we can't name.
14.  Handled Exclusively By - no one else can get near him.
15.  Terrific Pedigree - Old champion Whatsisname is twice in the fifth generation.
16.  Good Broodmare - Don't dare try to show in the ring.
17.  Lots of Drive - Not Trainable.
19.  Great Stallion Prospect - Will breed anything from the neighbor's cow on up.