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Horses in Motion


Horse Terminology Quiz

1. What would you use a surcingle for?

A.  Securing your bridle
B.  Holding your boots up
C.  Tying up your horse
D.  Holding a rug in place

 2.  What is the Fetlock?

A.  Part of the mane
B.  A blacksmith's tool
C.  A type of feed
D.  A joint on the leg of a horse

 3. What is a hackamore?

A.  Someone who rides their horse
      on long hacks
B.  A bitless bridle
C.  A type of horse
D.  A place where hacks can graze

 4. What is the frog?

A.  Part of the foot of a horse
B.  A horse which bucks
C.  A grooming tool
D.  A mixture of fog and rain

5. Where would you find the dock on a horse?

A.  The head
B.  The back
C.  The legs
D.  The tail

6. Where would you find the stifle on a horse?

A.  The tail
B.  The back
C.  The head
D.  The legs

 7. What is a tolt?

A.  A type of pony
B.  A pace
C.  A hard hat
D.  A treat for your horse|

 8. What is a rig?

A.  A gelded horse who still behaves like a stallion
B.  Part of a cart harness
C.  Part of a bridle
D.  A mare who cannot have foals

 9. What is a numnah?

A.  A type of rug
B.  A cloth or pad put under the saddle
C.  What you get after riding for hours on end
D.  An eastern saddle

10. What is a Waterford?

A.  A type of jump
B.  A breed of horse
C.  A type of bit
D.  A training head collar


1/ D   2/ D   3/ B   4/ A   5/ D   6/ D   7/ B   8/ B   9/ B    10/ D