Photos from the USDF Region 2
Adult Rider Clinic with Lilo Fore

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June 30 & July 1 Clinic Candids
Photos by Liz Ritz Photography except where noted   (Click on pictures to enlarge)

June 30   Clinic began at 8 am Lecture and Q&A
Photo by Lisa Gorretta

Lilo Fore, George Williams and Lisa Gorretta
Photo by Dee Liebenthal

Auditors were
able to watch
 and listen to the clinic from the
 air conditioned  Observation Room 
Lilo Fore 
Lilo answers questions from the Auditors

Auditors could also get close to the action by watching the clinic from the indoor arena bleachers

More Q&A Time with the Auditors between rides

NODA President, Dee Liebenthal, and Lilo Fore
Sunday drawing for the beautiful silver necklace
provided by Jane Heart Jewelry

USDF/Nutrena Adult Clinic Hosted by NODA and Lake Erie College
(L-R) Betsy Juliano, Liz Ritz, Heather Soones-Booher, George Williams, Lilo Fore,
Suzy Coleman on Brazen Beauty, Chloe Fullar & Laura Headley.
   (Riders not shown:   Emily Dutton Craig and Deanna Hertrich)
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